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      She turned, and looked him intently in the face.

      "Are you sure of that?""Perfectly so. When I left the Major last night, I knew that he must be a dead man by morning. He had taken no poison then,except the slow one that he has been taking for years."

      A plain carriage, with a trim African on the box, was in waiting when the two gentlemen descended the courthouse steps.

      Mr. Youle stared. "I did not know that he had been suspected, for a moment," said he.

      "What are you doing?" he asked.

      A singular scene was presented to his eyes. Prostrate on the floor lay Doctor Remy, with an exceedingly black and discomfited face; while Hubert was standing over him like a young gladiator. On one side, stood Dick Causton pouring forth a volley of utterly incoherent proverbs and entreaties, addressed to his "dear young friend Mr. Bergan;" and, on the other, stood the barkeeper, so bewildered, apparently, by this sudden and unaccountable fracas, as to be undecided which side or what tone to take. At sight of Bergan, Dick reeled backward, and looked completely confounded; Doctor Remy set his teeth hard, and his face grew blacker than ever."Here, sir; but it has been washed."


      "Yes,proverbs in every language under the sun,Latin, Greek, Spanish, German, and all the rest,a regular Tower-of-Babel performance. Do you recognize him?"


      "Sit down," said he, "and let me tell you the whole story; at least, as far as I know it myself."


      Bergan looked down upon her, and a sudden moisture dimmed his eyes. His heart was taken complete possession of, for the moment, by a vast, sorrowful pity for this beautiful and gifted woman, who masked so empty and aching a heart with so cold a demeanor, impelling him irresistibly to help her, as he could.Mr. Bergan's voice shook with anger. Bruno tried to explain, not very coherently.